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Welcome to howtank, the useful and responsible social network that brings organizations and their users together around common interests, so that they can share their experiences and help each other.

Join your community and start talking about what matters to you.

To enable the emergence of communities where everyone interacts for the common good and the enjoyment of everyone, to make themselves useful or to inform others and be informed themselves.

This is what we want

A social network that is useful to society

Every day, we work so that the connection created between people enables everyone to feel useful, heard and valued.


Engaged companies and organizations

Howtank was created so that participating organizations can co-create their future with their users thanks to a closer and more direct relationship. Via howtank, we want users to be able to have an active role in the development of the organizations they follow and not just be study subjects for them.

Do you share these values?

The howtank experience

Howtank is a friendly space where you can find other users, individuals and/or representatives of the organization you follow to talk about what matters to you and share your experiences.

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And features created to enrich your experience

A chat wherever it makes sense to ask user communities questions directly

The ability to automatically share key info with the organization you follow.

The ability to share the most useful conversations and make them easily accessible to as many people as possible


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"On howtank, I feel like I'm really helpful to the internet users I talk to. I think that it's useful, it makes me feel valued"
Camille - France Loisirs Community
"We realize that exchanging ideas remains an essential element for personal balance, to ask for help via a screen or ‘reaching out’ has become natural"
Christophe - Alltricks Community
"With howtank, we reinforce the ‘friendly’ side of our brand and cultivate mutual help between enthusiasts thanks to our community."
Gary Anssens, fondateur and CEO @Alltricks
"Our aim was to allow our customers to exchange ideas about their passion for shoes, to guide other customers and to participate in the brand's life. For us, howtank is the solution in line with this need: a structured space in which we share, respond to other customers in the chat, and above all in which we can have a good time!"
Amira Gharbi, Customer Happiness Project Manager SARENZA
"We learn new things by helping others, I had the opportunity to meet great people thanks to Howtank, we all went out for a meal at a restaurant."
Seb, Priceminister-Rakuten Community
"I like the way we can help each other. And the friendly and human atmosphere."
Vivie, BlaBlaCar community
«Thanks to howtank I learned a lot about relationships with others»
Florian, BlaBlaCar community
«My little indulgence [on howtank] is having very good discussions in the morning to put a smile on my face: But also talking to other members of the community»
Kévin, Bouygues Telecom, Alltricks Communities
«Knowing that another mum is might be going through the same difficulties as us allows us to see things differently»
Lucie France Loisirs Community
«I needed advice for a pair of shoes, I saw the little icon pop up and I asked my question. I talked to a member and I found the concept great. I asked the person how to become a member of the community and that's how I found myself in the community. Since then howtank has become my daily indulgence»
Laura, Auchan Community
«What I like most on howtank is the complicity that exists between us! I’ve only met some members of the community once, and yet I felt like I could tell them anything»
Theyo BlaBlaCar and Bouygues Telecom communities

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